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The Resident Ducks at Monart

Meet the resident ducks at Monart.

We have 3 types of ducks at Monart. Call ducks, Mallards and Moorhens. Igors is our head gardener here at Monart and he looks after all of our resident ducks.

The Call ducks are white with orange beaks and feet.  These call ducks have been residing at Monart for the last 5 years. There are 3 males and 3 females here.

There are two families of Moorhen ducks living here. They are small black feathered ducks with red noses. There are 5 moorhens altogether. These ducks are more wild than the others they are nervous around people so they enjoy the quiet life here at Monart.

Then we have the Mallard ducks, these are most common in Ireland. The female is brown in colour and the males have green heads, a brown chest and a grey bottom. The mallard ducks absolutely love life here at Monart!

Currently there are a lot of ducklings at Monart. The female mallard is pregnant for 28 days and is very protective over her ducklings. The first set of ducklings will arrive in March here at Monart.

Do the ducks get on with eachother?

The male and female ducks do get on in general, there are three times as many males then females here at Monart so there can be some rows between them all.

Do the different type of ducks mix well together?

They don’t tend to mix together. The Call ducks are always together, they stay together in a group. The mallards like to stay together too and the moorhens seem to be a bit more independent.

Why do the ducks swim with their head under the water?

They are looking for food when they do this. The ducks are wild so they are bred to feed themselves. The ducks are looking for little bugs. We only feed our ducks once a day in the morning.

What do you feed the ducks?

We feed them duck food mixed with barley every morning. We feed the ducks more during the spring time when the females are pregnant.

Do the ducks always stay in the gardens or will they go on an adventure and come back?

They do fly away because there is a pond a couple of miles away but they always return. The ducks here are very lucky to live at Monart, wouldn’t we all live here if we had the choice!

We always notice a lot more ducks come and visit us for breakfast! Ducks have a great sense of direction, they will always find there way home.

On a nice day when your enjoying your lunch outside the ducks become very friendly when they know food is around so they will walk up and say hello.

Plants are great to grow in the lake, this makes a swim more of an adventure for the ducks, they can swim in and out of the different plants we have here.

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